CHOCAL hybrid packaging

CHOCAL hybrid packaging
Chocal Aluminiumverpackungen GmbH  
Produced Since
10.1 H028  

CHOCAL introduces a real highlight to its product range –
The CHOCAL hybrid packaging.
Combine the well-known Chocal packaging with new packaging materials.
By adding more flexibility the CHOCAL hybrid packaging is able to offer numerous advantages compared to conventionally wrapped packages.
Our novelty guarantees a clear product view, as well on made-up chocolate figures.
By partial or full printing you have many possibilities to individualise the design of your products to your wishes without hiding their delicious content.
3D-products such as chocolate hollow figures also can be packed with exiting combinations of aluminium, plastics and biodegredable plastics used as front or back sides of the figures.
Chocolate bars and lollipops with flat backs might also be combined with paper.