BLOSSUM MASK LITE, the antipollution mask CE certified

BLOSSUM MASK LITE, the antipollution mask CE certified
Blossum SARL  
Produced Since
06.1 A071  

Blossum has designed Blossum-Mask Lite for use in urban areas. On a moto, a bike, a scooter, when running or walking… Blossum-Mask Lite ensures your protection without compromising your comfort or your style.
Blossum-Mask Lite
• Offers effective protection against particles and dust for commuter and recreational walking & cycling in urban areas,
• Filters pollens, dust, particles from diesel cars and black smoke from any gazoline engine,
• Prevents the inhalation of fine particles,
• Prevents and limits respiratory allergies caused by pollens, mites, animal hair, molds… Also recommended in the prevention of asthma,
• Protects against microbes,
• Reduces odors, also effective against domestic pollution.

Key benefits :
• EFFECTIVE : more than 94% of the air breathed is filtered in compliance with EN149 + A1 :2009. Tested in France by APAVE, French notified organism.
• BREATHABLE : its smart conception lets you breathe easily.
• LIGHT : so comfortable, you will forget about it