World's lightest Front Fork tubes

World's lightest Front Fork tubes
Cera Carbon b.v.  
Produced Since
06.1 A033  

Based at Stein, in The Netherlands, CeraCarbon Racing is introducing a patented and “truly innovative first” in motorcycle front fork design – combination Ceramic and Carbon Fibre Upside Down front fork tubes.

The advantages of USD front suspensions have been well known for years, but while they are typically lighter than conventional forks, race bikes especially would always have liked to see them lighter still. We are now able to use all the advantages of the USD system and eliminate even more of the weight, liberating the performance and handling advantages of the USD design.
Our CeraCarbon front fork inner and outer tubes combine light weight with reliable strength and low friction into an ultimate solution”.
Hans-Dieter says the CeraCarbon innertube is an all-purpose application suitable for most front forks that can be installed with most aftermarket cartridge systems.