Trixie wallpaper

Trixie wallpaper
Trixie - Les Rêves d'Anaïs (Mellis)  
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10.1 H041  

Let the decorating begin! Our fresh and
cheerful designs are now also available
on wallpaper! We proudly present our
range of 10 different prints. From subtle
patterns to vivid illustrations, each and
everyone can find the perfect fit with
their home! As our wallpaper is made
out of high-quality non woven material,
it is very easy to apply. The glue can be
pasted directly on the wall, resulting in
fewer bubbles and less shrinkage. It’s the
perfect fit with (or perfect product for)
the DIY parent!

Can’t get enough? Our deco & lifestyle
range also contains wonderful cushions,
blankets, posters and wooden letters to
create your own unique little universe.
Besides that, there is also a broad range
of greeting cards to discover!