Smart Palletizer

Smart Palletizer
Smart Robotics B.V.  
Produced Since
10.1 F040  

With our robot-independent, intelligent software we have developed the Smart Palletizer, an end-of-line solution for the flexible palletizing of products. With our 3D printed grippers, the Smart Palletizer can palletize many different types of boxes, both open and closed, up to 8kg. The Smart Palletizer has a small footprint and the cobot can be reached from all sides.

The Smart Palletizer can be deployed quickly and easily adjusts to changes in the environment and production process. There is no need for step-by-step programming. That is what our intelligent software achieves. The Smart Palletizer is a valuable addition to your team which decreases the restrain on your employees and enhances their sustainable employability.

By focusing on our intelligent software, we can update the application using continuous monitoring, data analysis and updates and make it smarter, faster, better and more flexible.