m99 bentwood chair

m99 bentwood chair
Produced Since
10.2 K051/L050  

Architect Adolf Krischanitz is one of Austria’s most renowned architects. Besides national and international architectural projects he is also active in the field of furniture design. The bentwood chair “m99” reflects Krischanitz’ identification with Austria in general and especially with his chosen home in Vienna as the creation is unmistakably a reminiscence of the Viennese coffee house culture.
The Viennese coffee house has always been a central meeting point for literates, musicians and artists. Therefore, the coffee house culture stands for atmosphere, freedom of mind and creative working, without being alone; at the same time it is strongly connected with indulgence and relaxation. The bentwood chair “m99” perfectly fits into this context. It combines traditional with contemporary design: The softly rounded bentwood seating frame meets a clean and modern back rest, which is either completely open or equipped with plywood with or without motif cut-out.