X.centric | furniture system for open spaces

X.centric | furniture system for open spaces
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10.2 K051/L050  

Today’s creative communication spaces tend to drift away from the static and are open to new flexible and dynamic forms. Nowadays, even furniture systems can and must provide opportunities for informal conversation, for concentrated work by oneself or in small teams, and should ideally be used to wait and to relax. As an autonomous area, open space furniture pieces represent a good mélange of communication and seclusion at the same time; not limited to open space offices, they are apt for public areas such as libraries, colleges or cafés. With the modular system "X.centric", Rosconi GmbH presents its contribution to this exciting topic at the Orgatec 2018.
"X.centric" is a new dynamic furniture system which creates flexible zones for communication, interaction as well as for relaxation in open spaces. Versatile fields of applications and scopes of use as well as casual informality are the main characteristics of the round upholstered furniture collection.