Wandtafel Schreibtafel

Wandtafel Schreibtafel
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Wonderful Whiteboards

Rather than bare meeting rooms and awkward flipcharts that are in the way, a productive work session needs an inviting and inspiring space. A Wall Panel Whiteboard is the ideal solution. The design consists of three panels, a kind of triptych, if you will. The two outer panels provide a pleasant atmosphere and acoustics, while the central pane functions as an integrated whiteboard. This combination is useful not only for companies, but also, for example, for primary schools and universities. Write lessons on the whiteboard, or affix a work schedule with magnets. We can customise the Whiteboard Wall Panel to your wishes or house style. The panels attach to any base and make the atmosphere more compatible with the functionality of the space. What’s not to like about this simple way to increase productivity?